Approaches to Research on Social Innovation: Learning from One Another for the Future - Wilco Project


Event Details

WILCO is thrilled to announce a unique event aimed at taking stock of all the research that has been done so far in the framework of the Framework Programmes as a way of preparing for Horizon 2020. WILCO organizes this event in collaboration with the European Commission as part of its dissemination strategy.

The goals of this seminar are:

  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and best practices among EU-funded research projects on social innovation through a process of mutual knowledge building and discussion.
  • To promote networking among members of different research projects on social innovation.
  • To produce a publication that summarizes the tradition of social innovation research in Europe and outlines key questions / issues for future research.
  • Participation in this seminar is by invitation only.

For more information, contact Rocío Nogales, WILCO Communications Coordinator, at info (at)

Event Description

Results from this event:

We’d like to thank Julie Simon from the TEPSIE project for her account on this event, which you can read here.