Final WILCO Project output: Social Innovations in the Urban Context - Wilco Project

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We are proud to announce the publication of “Social Innovations in the Urban context”, edited by Taco Brandsen, Sandro Cattacin, Adalbert Evers and Annette Zimmer, which is the final output of the WILCO project. It addresses the practice of social innovation and its systematic analysis. Despite significant advancement of knowledge of the dynamics of social innovation it still remains contested and incomplete. The questions asked in the book are:

  1. What is the nature of social innovations?
  2. What patterns can be identified in social innovations emerging at the local level?
  3. How is the emergence and spread of social innovations related to urban governance? More precisely, which conditions and arrangements facilitate and hinders social innovation?

The authors explore these questions using different types of data and methods, and studying different contexts. They focus on innovations that aim at solving problems of the young unemployed, single parents and migrants, based on original research carried out during the WILCO project from 2010-2013. Research was carried out in 20 cities in 10 different European countries.

The book is available via Springer link open access.