National reports on local welfare systems focussing on housing, employment and child care - Wilco Project


The country reports describe the background for our later research. The project focuses on local welfare. However, national welfare systems vary strongly and it is necessary to clarify this historical background against which our analysis of the macro, meso and micro levels within cities will be set. In the country reports, we describe the historical-institutional background on the basis of two dimensions, the structure of the overall welfare state and the degree of centralisation within the structure of the welfare state and the position of ‘the local’ in shaping welfare. Second, we have made an inventory of variables that must be regarded as formal pre-conditions for local welfare policies and initiatives. These variables include key regulations, financial provisions, contractual arrangements and entitlements. We have specified these variables for the three policy fields of child care, employment and housing. These ten national reports summarise key background variables that will help others understand the more in-depth analysis to be undertaken in later phases of the project. Through expert interviews and a literature review, they identify the national traditions of welfare and formal pre-conditions within which local welfare policies and initiatives take shape. Given the wide knowledge accumulated in past research, WILCO will focus on developments in the last 5-10 years and specifically on the three selected policy fields (housing, childcare and employment).


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