Roundtable: Social innovation in times of austerity, Birmingham, 17th September - Wilco Project


Event Details

September 17th, 2013
1-4 pm
University of Birmingham, Muirhead Tower

Event Description

WILCO partners of the University of Kent are holding a roundtable about social welfare innovation in Birmingham, one of the WILCO research sites in the UK.

This event provides an exciting opportunity for participants to learn about emerging findings from the research and offer their own insights on the issues raised, based on their knowledge, experience and expertise. The event will include contributions from the WILCO UK research team, Marie Nordfelt from the WILCO research team in Sweden, local academics from the University of Birmingham, and local public and third sector organisations . It should provide a timely and important discussion as local areas try and find solutions to social problems over the coming years in a time of budgetary constraints.

The roundtable will take place between 1 and 4pm on 17th September. Lunch will be provided from 12.30. We hope you are able to join us and welcome your contributions the discussion or please feel free to nominate a colleague.

Please could you let us know whether you are able to attend by contacting Nadia Brookes ( 01227 823807).

This event is being organised with the support of the Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham