WILCO at 4th EMES International Research Conference in Liège, July 1-4 - Wilco Project

Event Details

University of Liège, Belgium
1-4 July, 2013

Event Description

Taco Brandsen of WILCO and Rocio Nogales of EMES Network will coordinate a panel on the main interim empirical findings of cross-national research on local welfare innovations will be presented to young scholars working in the fields of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and civil society. The aim of this panel is to discuss the emergence and spread of social innovations, based on the results of the three-year comparative research of the WILCO project (7th European Framework Programme, 2010-2013).

A second session, chaired by Annette Zimmer and Lars Hulgard, offers the opportunity to discuss theoretical implications of the interim results of WILCO.

Please refer to the EMES website for more information on the conference and the conference programme.