WILCO final conference (January 2014)

La Tricoterie


An open conference will be organized to disseminate the results of WILCO at the European level at the end of 2013.

Members of WILCO’s four main audience groups – the scientific community, European, national and local policy makers, practitioners and the general public – will be invited to discuss ways of enhancing the EU funded research and transfer its results to the various systemic levels. The scientific community will be invited and encouraged to attend so as to improve the sustainability and transferability of project results. External experts will also be invited to provide their insight and provide a relevant framework capable of inserting WILCO’s proposed theory into the existing scientific corpus. Additionally, avenues for exploiting project findings at both levels (e.g. contributing to policy innovation or producing a set of tools for practitioners).

Participation in the conference will be open to the public although on-line registration will be required. The program as well as registration information will be available on this web site when the date approaches.

Event Details

Friday, 31/01/2014
La Tricoterie
Brussels, Belgium

Event Description

This event is invitation only. However, if you are interested in participating, please send us an email at info@emes.net subject WILCO final event by 22/11/2013 (participation will be confirmed shortly after).